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Rent a Property In UAE

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How to rent a property in the UAE

Renting is common place in the UAE. In recent years rental prices have significantly dropped making the market a more competitive place.

You should only use registered agents. For Dubai, ask to see their RERA card, which will confirm that the agent is acting in a legal capacity and not freelancing which is illegal in the UAE. You should expect to pay a fee to the agent of approximately 5 % of the yearly rent.

Read over the contact and make sure you understand what you are signing, what are your responsibilities? Are there any hidden costs? What are the landlord's responsibilities for repairs and maintenances?

In Abu Dhabi, there is mandatory registration of tenancy contracts through a system known as Tawtheeq. Through a database for all short term tenancy contracts, this registration system safeguards the rights of landlords and tenants. The Municipality of Abu Dhabi has more information on how it works.

In Dubai, a legal contract should be registered through Ejair, a system designed to regulate and facilitate the rental market of Dubai. The contract should clearly state what the landlord's responsibilities are as well as the tenants. Once registered with Ejair, the contract cannot be changed by the landlord.

When you find a property you are happy with, you will normally be expected to provide a copy of your passport and proof of residency. At this time you will be expected to deposit 5% of the annual rent to the landlord to secure the property. You will also be expected to provide several post-dated cheques; however this varies from landlord to landlord. It is important to ensure the contract clearly states when the cheques will be submitted. You should photocopy the cheques you are submitting as proof of what you have provided.

It is illegal to bounce a cheque in the UAE and you could face arrest and detention if a cheque is submitted without adequate funds to cover the cost.

Renters checklist

  • research the market, speak to local estate agents, check out local websites and newspapers
  • consider the local amenities; you should also consider the traffic in your area as this can significantly add to the length your journey
  • you should consider your deposit, brokerage fees, relocation costs and utilities connections etc.
  • if you are using an agent you should check they are registered
  • you should have been made aware of what your responsibilities are within your contract – make sure you read the small print
  • consider legal advice before signing the contract
  • check whether your contact needs to be registered

Documentation required:

  • copy of your passport
  • ID card ( if applicable)
  • proof or address
  • proof of residence
  • bank statements
  • letter from employer confirming salary