• Area Range:
    3400.00 sq-ft to 5150.00 sq-ft
  • Price:
    0.00 sq-ft
  • Bedroom:
  • Possession:
  • Location:
    , Dubai

About Developer

The Development promotes the idea of urban agriculture with the inclusion of a 3 hectare farm running across the City’s central spine. This community farm accommodates 38,000 sqft (3,500 sqm) of Biodome Greenhouses dedicated to the growing of fruits, herbs and vegetables allowing residents to enjoy local year round healthy food.

Residents will have the opportunity to participate in community farming groups and a Community Supported Agriculture food box program that will see fresh produce and trays of herbs weekly delivered door to door.

The landscape in our city is not just for beautification but following the principles of permaculture, strives to have more than one purpose such as creating a cooler microclimate, producing food, cleaning the air, creating habitat or stabilizing and fixing nitrogen in the soils.