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Chinese investors said to be keen to raise Dubai property spending

Dubai has a huge opportunity to boost growing real estate investment from Chinese investors in the wake of Britain's decision to leave the EU, developers and property marketers have been told.

Uncertainty in Europe following the Brexit vote could attract a new wave of Chinese investment in Dubai based on the Emirate's offer of quality new homes with potential for price growth, according to China's top international property website.

Bernie Morris, president of the UK, Europe and the Middle East for said in a statement that developers and marketers should use the UAE's universities to attract Chinese parents who are prepared to buy homes for their children to study overseas.

"Chinese property investors may react to the Brexit uncertainty with a flight to quality. This will only enhance the UAE's prominence within the Middle East as the premier destination, one with a similar investment profile to parts of Europe," he said.

"With its high-quality new residential construction, the UAE has the perfect product for those Chinese investors who prefer to invest in off-plan or new build property," he added.

Morris claimed enquiries on UAE property via the website for the first half of this year are 40 percent up on the previous six months, and 85.3 percent higher over the last 12 months than the previous year.

Morris said: "For many Chinese buyers, Dubai serves as a combined vacation and investment destination. They may buy a unit that can be rented out and managed for them, and expect to visit once or twice per year."

Morris will be one of the expert panelists appearing at the Cityscape Conference taking place at the Conrad Hotel, Dubai on September 5, before the three-day Cityscape Global exhibition opens the following day.

He will tell Cityscape conference delegates that "the great missed opportunity" in UAE property is a failure to capitalise on its potential as an overseas education destination.

"With its offering of world-class universities, the UAE should be able to increase the number of Chinese students it attracts," said Morris. "International students add $18 billion to the economy of Australia, which is only about twice the size of the UAE. This could become the Emirates' largest non-resources export to Asia."

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