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Dubai Land Department debuts portal for surveyors

Dubai: Property survey companies need not make the trek to the Dubai Land Department offices any longer — they can do their paperwork online. The government agency has launched a new e-system that allows licenced survey companies to feed in data into its database.

The new system will replace paper-based processes with electronic procedures, according to a statement issued by the Land Department. The portal (which ties into the Oqoodi system) has been developed by the Technical Affairs Department and the Real Estate Registration Services Department.

The system will also allow the developer to select and hire a licensed survey company directly online and assign them the relevant project to be surveyed. There is also a portal for secure payment of fees.

“The adoption of a fully electronic system ensures there is no need for any of the parties to attend DLD headquarters, which empowers the developer to market the properties directly and initiate sales procedures without delay,” the statement added.

A team from the Land Department worked with certified survey companies to conduct specialized training aimed at carrying out all functions covered by the new system. These included simulations of real estate data surveys.

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