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Damac To Launch Mixed-Use Luxury Strip Vista Lux In Akoya

Dubai-based developer Damac has announced that it will be launching a luxury retail strip that will run within its AKOYA Oxygen development.

Named Vista Lux, the one million sq ft central entertainment and retail district includes a waterway and more than 1.5km of walkways.

Vista Lux will house more than 2,000 hotel apartments and residences and will allow visitors access to the Dubai Rainforest and the Tiger Woods-designed Trump World Golf Club.

The area will also provide luxury retail, restaurants and entertainment to support the Akoya Oxygen residents and will attract visitors from all over with many firsts for the region including a self-contained rainforest, a hydroponic café and restaurant where visitors can select their own produce.

The strip will also the focal point for cultural events, art displays, including an open-air designer fashion market, the ‘V’ Restaurant with a menu selected from the freshest organic ingredients sourced at the Akoya Oxygen farmers market, and an outdoor area called ‘The Green’, showcasing cultural performances, poetry readings and mini-theatre productions.

A library and coffee house will also be located close to a dedicated area for art installations set on a street which includes mobile, gourmet ‘street food’.

“Vista Lux is one of many elements which make Akoya Oxygen stand out from the rest and provides an intrinsic added value to residents,” said Ziad El Chaar, managing director, Damac Properties.

Damac has also recently launched its first hotel villa concept Nova in the Akoya Oxygen community.

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