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The 20 most expensive places for tenants

Dubai: Looking for a place to rent that doesn’t cost you your whole year’s salary?  Stay away from Monaco.

One of the smallest sovereign states in the world, Monaco tops the list of places with most expensive apartments for rent.

According to the Mid-Year Cost of Living Index by comparison website Numbeo, Monaco’s rent index, at 247.08, makes it the world’s most expensive city in which to rent a house this year

If you move there, you are likely to spend over 100 times more than what your friends are paying for their living space in New York.

Numbeo’s list covers 517 cities around the world. Dubai and Abu Dhabi didn’t land in the top ten list, but were ranked the 14th and 18th costliest cities for renters, respectively.

Dubai’s rent is more expensive compared to Singapore;  Geneva and Zurich, Switzerland; Washington, DC and Sydney, Australia. Across the Middle East, Doha, Qatar emerged as the most expensive city for tenants, ranking tenth globally.

The world’s second most expensive city for renters is Luanda, Angola, where apartments can cost more than 30 times higher than New York.

Taking the third spot is San Francisco, California, with a rent index of 108.81, followed by the city of Hamilton in Bermuda in the fourth place (108.27) and New York in the fifth place (100).

Houses in Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea are slight less expensive than New York, but they’re the sixth costliest in the world.

Hong Kong showed up in the seventh place, with rents costing about four times cheaper than New York, followed by London ninth place) and Doha, Qatar.

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