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Dubai inspires world's tallest hotel in Swiss Alps

The Swiss alps are set to get a 381-metre high hotel in 2019, after the developer derived inspiration from Dubai’s mega achievements, which include Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest tower (828 metres) and JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, the world’s tallest hotel (355 metres).

Swiss entrepreneur Remo Stoffel, and founder of 7132 Ltd, the development company, in a statement, said, the inspiration for the hotel came from Dubai.

“I travel to Dubai on a regular basis and I am always amazed at how quickly the city grows and what it has achieved. It is now home to the busiest airport in the world, tallest tower, tallest hotel, the largest shopping mall, largest man-made island, the list goes on,” he said.

“During its early development, many local, regional and international observers, some more vocal than others, were unsure of Dubai's vision. Undeterred, Dubai stuck steadfastly to its strategy and last year it welcomed around 12 million overnight visitors and is now planning to accommodate 20 million visitors by 2020.

“That inspired me to realise my own vision, by forming 7132 Ltd, commissioning this stunning design, which will be built in my home town of Vals within four years,” he added.

Stoffel is also the chairman of Farnek, a Dubai-based facilities management company.

The design of the hotel has been created by American Pritzker Prize-winner Thom Mayne’s Morphosis Architects with the project comprising a podium linking the building with neighboring structures; a cantilever containing a restaurant, café, spa, and bar and a tower holding a sky bar, restaurant, and 107 guest rooms.

Earlier this month, 'The Guardian' newspaper, however, quoted Vittorio Lampugnani, Professor of Architecture at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, saying, “Skyscrapers in the Alps are an absurdity and there is no need to accommodate people in such a small space in the mountains.”

On March 25, Emirates 24|7 reported that the Burj Khalifa is the inspiration behind the design of 632-metre Shanghai Tower, China’s tallest, and the world’s second tallest tower.

“In the time that I spent working on the Burj Khalifa, it became the basis for the conceptual design of the Shanghai Tower.

“The lessons learned on the first project made the second project possible,” Marshall Strabala, Chief Architect of Shanghai Tower told this website.

In August 2014, a UK-based millionaire announced plans to transform Dorset, a county in South West England on the English Channel coast, into a modern holiday destination akin to Dubai's Palm Jumeirah.

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